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Hello!! Again I bring U some icons which I hope U like them, besides I wanna welcome and recommend my new affiliates, mypropeller has wonderful icons(I particulary love her colouring) & pinacotheque besides icons they have some wonderfuls profile codes & tutorials, check some examples here

XOXO, Miya

[14] Fashion
[21] Shoes
[07] Skating
[06] Books
[12] Word definitions


New shoes, new shoes, Red and pink and blue shoes. Tell me, what would you choose, If they'd let us buy? Buckle shoes, bow shoes, Pretty pointy-toe shoes, Strappy, cappy low shoes; Let's have some to try. Bright shoes, white shoes, Dandy-dance-by-night shoes, Perhaps-a-little-tight shoes, Like some? So would I.Collapse )